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Newberg, OR
"Through the use of this technology by our field staff we were able to identify and prevent $20.4 million in loss producing conditions…This is up from $13 million."
-InfraSpec Newsletter
April 1998

Radiometric PalmIR 500 Digital Camera
Predictive Maintenance Technologies uses the Radiometric PalmIR 500 Digital camera.  It offers the capability of reading temperatures as high as 300° Celsius.  With a pixel count of 320x240, it reports the temperature of each individual pixel.   

Predictive Maintenance Technologies will perform an Infrared Inspection for you and provide you with a detailed report informing you of any problem areas, providing a timetable of when repairs should be completed.

Infrared thermography is a non-contact, non-destructive test method using an infrared camera to detect and display thermal patterns and temperatures of an object. 

It is a fast and safe way to inspect mechanical, electrical and structural integrity without loss of production.
Place your mouse over  the image to view it as a thermal image.
Infrared Thermography is vital in Predictive Maintenance Electrical Inspections:

Infrared thermography is a proven method in locating the source of electrical problems.  Corroded or loose connections and conductor overloads account for most electrical problems.  A bad electrical connection generates excessive heat in direct proportion to the current flowing through it. 
Infrared inspections detect heat produced by these faults before the affected components fail.

Infrared inspections make it possible to quickly detect problems without interrupting service of production.  They also indicate priority levels for corrective action based on how much the temperature deviates from normal. 
Additional Uses for Infrared Thermography:

       Predictive Maintenance Mechanical Inspections
       Inspect bearing and couplings for excessive heat

       Refactory Inspections
       Boiler Refractory
       Heating Fan Refractory
       Discharge Stack Refractory

       Building Heat Loss
       Scan windows, doors and walls for insulation voids

       Trapped Moisture Scans
       Detects trapped moisture under the roof surface and
       allows accurate mapping of the area for repair.  This
       damage can be detected prior to water leaking inside
       the building. 
Infrared Inspections