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Newberg, OR
About Us

Predictive Maintenance Technologies LLC, formerly M.E. Enterprises has been providing consulting and inspection services since 1982.  Services provided include: Vibration Analysis Bearing Inspections, Infrared Electrical Inspections, Infrared Roof Scans, Infrared Building Scans for heat loss and moisture entrapment, Infrared Boiler Refractory Inspections, Ultrasonic Leak Inspections, and Ultrasonic and Infrared Steam Trap Inspections.

Vibration Analysis Bearing Inspections are completed using SKF CMVA55 Data Collectors.  We take a minimum of 3 separate overall and spectra on each bearing location inspected.  Velocity, Acceleration, and Acceleration Enveloping (sometimes referred to as Spike Energy or Demodulation) are our primary inspection categories.  The overall frequency and lines of resolution of each graph are dependent upon the operating speed of the bearing being inspected.  All collected data is used in making decisions as to the current bearing condition.  We report bearing problems in 4 categories, Fair, Slightly Rough, Rough, and Very Rough.

Infrared Inspections are completed using a Raytheon Radiometric 500 Digital Camera.  Infrared Reports include both an infrared picture and a visible light picture of any discrepancies.

Ultrasonic Inspections are completed using an ultrasonic listening device with both air born and contact capabilities.  Leaks are tagged and visible light pictures are provided for easy locating of problems.

Our goal is to provide the best service at an affordable price.

If you would like more information about our services or would like to setup an onsite demonstration please email Hollis or Nathaniel, or telephone us at (503) 538-7091.